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anti-aging flash ampoules

anti-aging flash ampoules

antiaging flash ampoules is an intensive antiaging treatment for all skin types that acts globally against the signs of skin ageing and provides an immediate anti-fatigue and lifting effect. Its concentrated formula includes a combination of outstanding antiaging ingredients that act synergistically to reduce wrinkles and expression lines and increase the skin’s elasticity and firmness. Its light texture is rapidly absorbed, leaving the skin feeling soft and comfortable.

Active ingredients

  • Collagen

This is the most important component of the connective tissue in the dermis. Its presence in the formula improves the turgidity and elasticity of the tissues in order to correct and counteract

  • Elastin

In combination with collagen, it completes the firming action on the tissue, leaving the skin more flexible and elastic.the loss of these properties with age.

  • Extract of mimosa tenuiflora

A vegetable extract that has a repairing, regenerating, reepithelialising action that helps reduce wrinkles and expression lines. It also has antioxidant and protective properties.

  • Wheat proteins

These plant proteins provide an antiaging, antifatigue and inmediate lifting effect.


  • Indicated as a daily antiaging treatment for all skin types.

  • Indicated as an intensive treatment for tired skin or as an occasional beauty treatment immediately before applying make-up to perfect the skin’s finish.

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