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Profhilo® is the ultimate anti-ageing treatment and is designed to restore your skin to its former glowing glory. As we age, there is a natural decline in the amount of Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid that our body produces, which is why we start to see the visible signs of ageing. To fight the signs of ageing, Profhilo® is recommended in order to preserve the skin and prevent any further deeper lines to develop.

Unlike Dermal Fillers which add volume to specific areas, Profhilo® works to lift the whole of your complexion. By stimulating the production of Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid, it gently volumises and hydrates dull, sagging skin for a complete rejuvenation, which will leave you with a radiant, young glow and restored firmness.

This treatment is suitable for all ages, men and women. We do recommend a combined treatment plan for people over the age of 60 so we can fully target deeper, more dynamic lines. Sometimes, a combination of treatments is more necessary to achieve the best results, as people over the age of 60 may not experience the same results as someone of 30.

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