Mesohyal Treatment

  • mesohyal X-DNA

    mesohyal X-DNA

    Treatment of intradermal administration that favors the cutaneous repair by promoting the synthesis of collagen and redensifying the tissues.

  • mesohyal HYALURONIC

    mesohyal HYALURONIC

    Treatment of rehydration and dermal rejuvenation of intradermal administration. Nourishes, hydrates, increases the elasticity of the skin and reduces fine and superficial wrinkles.

  • mesohyal NCTC109

    mesohyal NCTC109

    Treatment of intensive biorevitalization of intradermal administration. It provides the micro-nutrients involved in cell repair.

  • mesohyal DMAE

    mesohyal DMAE

    Intradermal treatment to firm tissues and counteract sagging effectively.

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